We support missions near and far.

As a local church in the Northern Illinois Conference, First United Methodist Church of DeKalb makes a commitment to support local, regional and international mission projects and ministries through the Rainbow Covenant.

The first-mile in becoming a Rainbow Covenant church is to fully participate in the mission and ministry of the Northern Illinois Conference through 100% apportionment giving. We give to our churches in order that we can be in mission with our local community and to the world. Through apportionments, our giving to the local church is extended to vital ministries across the Conference and around the world.

Once the church has fulfilled its basic, first-mile apportionment commitment, we strive to go the second-mile to become a Rainbow Covenant congregation. The second-mile giving channel is called the Advance. Started in 1948, the Advance is the United Methodist program for voluntary, designated mission giving. And because of the support of the apportionment from local churches like First UMC that underwrites administrative costs, 100% of your gifts through the Advance go directly to the mission or project you select!

What are apportionments?

Apportionments are the funds that each United Methodist Congregation shares with the larger United Methodist Church through our connectional system. By joining our funds, we can do things that would be far beyond the ability of individual congregations. The dollar amount varies for each church annually but takes into consideration the annual budget of the church and how the church allocates funds to strengthen the local church AND reach out to serve and share Christ’s message with the community and the world. In 2018 First UMC, DeKalb, shared $68,000 through this connection—approximately $38,000 to support mission and evangelism and $30,000 credentialing and developing clergy; district and conference staff and infrastructure; all other costs related to maintaining a large organization.

What is an Advance?

Each Advance is an approved project of the United Methodist Church whose goal is to “advance” the mission of Christ and His Church. Since 1948 over one billion dollars has been given worldwide through Advance projects. 100% of all donations to an Advance project goes to the ministry with overhead being covered by other donations.

What is Rainbow Covenant?

Rainbow Covenant represents financial support to locally selected missions, known as “Advances,” in each of six areas known as “bands.” Churches must pay 100% of their apportionments to be recognized as a Rainbow Covenant Church.


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