Job Opportunities

Director of Family Ministries

 Reports to:                    Senior Pastor                                              Effective: March 1, 2023

Status:                            Part-Time

FLSA:                              Exempt

Job Summary

The principal function of this position includes providing for all types of families with opportunities to grow in their relationship with God and opportunities for faith formation (spiritual development), service and witness in the church and the world.  The Family Ministries Director is accountable for the development and implementation of a Family Based Christian Formation Program that accomplishes many of the responsibilities below.

Essential Functions:

  • This leader will maintain a healthy and growing spiritual-growing life and will lead other teachers and leaders to do the same.
  • This leader needs to be familiar with the congregation’s overall goals and vision and how they are achieved through the congregation’s ministry with families.
  • This leader will work with others to plan and carry out ministry in a varied and wide-ranging program that includes worship, study, fellowship, service opportunities and other related activities.
  • This leader will provide faith formation opportunities for families and their children such as: Christian Education lessons/classes, Children’s Messages during worship and Special Events. Special Events may include a summer program, such as Vacation Bible School, 3 or 4 Seasonal activities per year based on the Christian calendar (for example: Teacher Dedication Sunday, Third Grade Bible Presentation, Pretzel Sunday, Recognition of Graduates, Teacher Appreciation Sunday) and 3 or 4 projects per year that provide an opportunity for families and their children to serve each other.
  • This leader will provide safe children’s facilities and ensure all volunteers and staff that serves in Family Ministries have current background checks and follows The Safe Sanctuary policies/guidelines.
  • This leader will provide curriculum and resources for all lessons/classes based on age-appropriate Bible stories and consistent with Methodist theology. This leader will recruit and train volunteers as needed to implement the classes/lessons.
  • This leader will oversee the Nursery/Day Care staff that is provided during worship and other times as needed.
  • This leader will work closely with all Church ministries to expand community outreach to children and their families.
  • This leader will attend Staff Meetings and participate in staff development as appropriate.
  • This leader will manage participant registrations for assigned events and classes in coordination with Church Administrator.
  • This leader will submit an annual report discussing the activities and accomplishments of the ministry program and activities.
  • This leader will monitor and purchase supplies for programs and classrooms within the allocated budget.
  • This leader will submit receipts and expenses to church bookkeeper.

Spiritual Gifts and Qualifications for the Job

  • This ministry director should show evidence of passion for family ministry, prior effective ministry leadership and active and growing discipleship.
  • Useful skills for this position are strong communication and organizational skills, the ability to listen to and communicate with people of all ages, the ability to work with other ministry leaders, the ability to delegate responsibility and follow up to complete tasks, the ability to function independently and as a part of a ministry team.
  • This leader should be proficient with digital media and office software.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Participate in continuing education.
  • Accept assignments and special requests.
  • Attend and participate in staff meetings.
  • Attend meetings of Staff/Parish Relations Committee when requested.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Prefer Bachelor’s Degree in education related field. Prefer certification in Christian Education.
  • Pass background check.
  • Show a foundation in the Christian faith and a love for all God’s people.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of available Christian Education materials, including but not limited to United Methodist publications.
  • Possess CPR and Red Cross Certification (or willing to become certified).
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communication skills, organizational skills, and use of current communication technology and record keeping.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to continuing professional development.

Physical Requirements:

  • Able to go up and down staircases to access the entire building.
  • Sufficient sight and hearing to manage face-to-face communication on the job.

 Core Competencies:

  • Mission Ownership: Demonstrates understanding and full support of mission, vision, values, and beliefs of the First United Methodist Church of DeKalb.  (Mission Statement, Vision, and Core Values provided on the church website.)
  • Team Work: Fosters a climate of “one body” with all church staff, recognizing the diversity of responsibilities with all staff persons working hard toward a common goal.  Is reliable and able to maintain confidentiality. Demonstrates the skills of active listening and openly accepts criticism.  Holds others accountable in a spirit of love.  Engages people positively, with optimism and grace.
  • Conflict Management: Responds openly to conflicts, seeing them as opportunities; reads situations quickly; good at focused listening; can hammer out tough agreements and settle disputes equitably; can find common ground and get cooperation with minimal disruption.
  • Management Skills: Creates a climate in which people want to do their best.  Demonstrates commitment and flexibility in scheduling sessions with those in her/his span of care.  Understands his/her leadership style and temperament type and adapts leadership behaviors to meet the needs of the situation.  Marshals resources (people, educational tools and supplies, budget) efficiently.  Clearly and comfortably delegates both routine and important tasks and decisions; broadly shares both responsibility and accountability; trusts people to perform.
  • Spiritual Maturity: Models and develops humility, possesses a willingness to learn, is accountable, and shows servant leadership in all relationships.
  • Biblical Knowledge: Guides others in the exploration and discovery of biblical truths.  Encourages and designs avenues for others to engage in ongoing training/study of scripture.

If you have questions, please reach out to Tom West, Chair of Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC), through the Church Office ([email protected]).