We support the Inclusive Collective at NIU (formerly NIU Wesley Foundation).

A Brief History of The Inclusive Collective at NIU

In the Fall of 2019, Kaitlyn Frantz and the IC board courageously chose to embark on a new journey for the United Methodist campus ministry at NIU. We rebranded to become the Inclusive Collective, establishing a partnership with the IC in Chicago. We began one Community Group with four NIU students who would become the founding members.

The Inclusive Collective at NIU quickly gained momentum as a Christian space that was welcoming of all people and sustained students for a theological approach to social justice.

Before we completed our first year, crisis struck the world as COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, shifting all of higher education to  virtual spaces. Since then, we have still continued to offer authentic community and worship as we mostly gathered online.

Beginning this Spring 2021, the IC at NIU has grown from four to fifteen young adults engaged in weekly faith formation. 90% of our students have begun or revitalized a relationship with Jesus.

Knowing what we do now, 1.5 years  after we began this journey, we know that the Spirit has and still is moving. God is creating bold and inclusive leaders who are committed to their faith. Therefore – we are committed to continuing the work of fueling young adults through Jesus-rooted soul work. 

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