Voting Process Letter





May 20, 2021


Dear Professing Members:

The United Methodist Church Book of Discipline outlines the procedures for voting on church issues and it does not have information about how to handle voting during the unusual time we are in during this pandemic. Therefore, we must follow the direction outlined in the Book of Discipline and we wanted to address the procedure we will follow on June 6. This will allow all professing members to know what will be happening and the order of our voting process on June 6.

The rules of voting that we must follow are:

  • All professing members must be physically present for the vote.
  • After church on June 6, at approximately 10 a.m., professing members who are present in the sanctuary will be checked off a sheet which lists all professing members of DeKalb First United Methodist Church.
  • After the District Superintendent, Brian Gilbert, presents the information about the vote for the layout and site plan of the new church, professing members will be instructed to move to a specific area in the church sanctuary. This will facilitate the handing out of the ballots.
  • Professing members will vote and then turn in their ballot to the Recording Secretary and her helpers.
  • The Recording Secretary will then count the ballots. All Members may stay in the sanctuary awaiting the vote count.
  • The District Superintendent will then announce the vote for or against the layout and site plan of the new church to all present.

We now all have received the floorplan, site elevation and conceptual plans in the mail a couple of weeks ago. After reviewing this information, we know you have reviewed this information and prayerfully reflected on the future of our church. If you have any questions, please review the information you received and/or you may contact Pastor Crail at [email protected]. Now it is time for voting. We hope to see all of you on June 6 for this important vote for our church.

Communication Team