Help Plant the Future — Capital and Building Campaign

February 2021

Dear Church Members and Friends of DeKalb FUMC:

Welcome 2021!  The land has been purchased and this will be an exciting year for our church as we proceed with the planning of our new building and property.  Thank you to everyone for your monetary contributions and participation on the various committees that are making this dream become a reality.

 When our Help Plant the Future capital campaign began three years ago, 131 pledges were made totaling $2,456,351.  Here is where we joyfully stand on total pledges and contributions received as of December 31, 2020, the end of our three-year campaign:

108 members who pledged donated                                                                       $1,985,332

46 of the 108 members exceeded their pledge donating an additional                  87,078

Total giving by members who pledged                                                                   $2,072,410

7 members who pledged $0 donated                                                                     $      11,173

105 people who did not submit a pledge card donated                                              41,164

Total donations received for the three-year campaign                                        $2,124,747

 Now, at the end of our three-year campaign with pledges totaling $2,456,351, there remains $471,019 outstanding in pledged commitments yet to be received.  If you have not completed your pledge, please prayerfully consider completing your pledge for the building of our new church.

 Please review your End of the Year giving statement for 2020 from the DeKalb First United Methodist Church.  It includes your giving for 2020 as well as a summary of your donations to the Help Plant the Future campaign as of December 31, 2020.  Please review these figures so you can determine if you have fulfilled your commitment. If you believe the information on your giving statement is incorrect, please contact our church office.

Again, thank you to our church family and friends for moving this campaign forward!


The Communications Team