July Prayer

Why This Devotional?

Have you ever had Christmas in July?  We sometimes celebrate a holiday at an unusual time during the year for fun or to give it new attention.

In our church life, we are familiar with devotionals for the seasons of Advent or Lent. So some of us may be wondering, “Why a daily devotional and prayer campaign in July?”

As the pastor, my reasoning is quite simple:  We need it now!

We are at a crossroads for our church.  After a successful capital campaign last fall and the new building project kicking into high gear, this is a perfect time to reflect on what God is calling us to do and to be as a congregation.  What activities and ministries are essential for the future of our church?  What new things might God be opening up for us? Where do our gifts and the needs of the community intersect? To find out, we need to listen to the Holy Spirit through prayer and reflection.


Thus, we invited our staff and a variety of members of the church to reflect on “Lord, What do YOU want to do through US?”  This is a variation of our prayer during the “Help Plant the Future” campaign last fall. Through this month of reflection, we invite you to ask: What is God’s vision and what are God’s priorities for our church over the next few years?

Join this adventure with us! Read through one of these devotionals each day during July.  Take the time to pray with us each day at 6:18 a.m. and/or 6:18 p.m. with our common prayer (prayer cards are available at the church office so you can have the prayer available wherever you are).  What insights and breakthroughs might God provide in the coming days?

How exciting to listen and pray together as we move forward into a new season of living Christ’s presence through love and service!

Special thanks to Lindy Arnett and Penny Rosenow for their labor of love in coordinating this project by doing final recruitment of writers, formatting all the pages, overseeing the assembly of the booklets, and scheduling of daily emails!

Praying with you and for you,

Pastor Jon