Clara Mridula Biswas serves as the director of a the Street Children Ministry and Community Outreach in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Throughout her career as a missionary, she has developed children’s ministries in a variety of places. Her passion for children and education connects her with families who may be struggling with overwhelming poverty, domestic violence, and family members with HIV/AIDS – among other things.

One of the beautiful aspects of Clara’s ministry, is she intentionally works to equip and empower people to be in service to others. Those who have been blessed through her ministry are encouraged to bless others. For example, children who have been taught music and dance, return as teachers. People she helps get the care and medicine they need, then guide others through the process. “I just help them from the back,” she says modestly, “but I let them do. So now they can do by themselves.”

Donations to support Clara and/or the work she does with the Street Children of Cambodia Ministry may be made to the church. Please indicate the Advance number for the ministry you wish to support.

  • Clara Biswas: Advance #13952Z
  • Street Children of Cambodia Ministry:  Advance #14921A 

Send notes to Clara at:

Clara M. Biswas
PO Box 2493
Phnom Penh 3

Email: clarabiswas@online.com.kh

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