Summer Lunch and More

2020 Schedule

June 8 through July 30 (pending COVID-19 restrictions)

Haish Gym, 303 S. 9th St., DeKalb

  • Grab ‘n Go Lunches are free for kids ages 0 to 18.
  • Distributed Monday through Thursday from 11:30 am to 12:45 pm
  • Text SLAP to 815-605-6688 for more information and updates.

More than 3,800 DeKalb school children qualify for free/reduced lunch during the school year. We believe NONE of them should go hungry.

Feeding the Hungry, Building Relationships

In 2012 Summer Lunch opened its doors to feed hungry DeKalb children. It was great to offer lunch to kids, but it was soon clear there were hungry parents as well.  The following year Summer Lunch and More opened its doors to children AND adults.

Since 2013 over 31,000 meals, including fresh fruits, vegetables, and hot entrées, have been served to hungry residents of the area as community volunteers join together to feed the hungry and build relationships.

Due to COVID-19 our 2020 lunch program has a different look. Grab ‘n Go lunches are available for kids ages 0 to 18. Take home lunches available for Friday. Snacks for parents available.