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Catalog Areas


Adult and Teen Numbered Categories (Teen = GREEN)

1. Bible. Translations

2. Bible (Books about the whole Bible)

3. Bible. Old Testament

4. Bible. New Testament

5. Jesus Christ

6. Philosophy & Psychology

7. Christian Beliefs (Creeds, special doctrines, God, man, faith, salvation, Ethics)

8. Devotional

9. Christian Living and Spiritual Growth

10. Prayer

11. Christian Family Living (Family devotions, family worship, family prayers)

12. Marriage and Relationships

13. Parenting

14. Worship and Holy Days, Music, Art

15. Church (Church work, church membership, evangelistic meetings, organization)

16. Missions

17. Homosexuality Study

18. Aging and Care-giving

19. Singles and Independent Living

20. Special Needs

21. Church History

22. Methodism

23. Other religions and denominations

24. Death and Grieving

25. Socio-Economic issues (race, citizenship, finances, alcoholism, labor)

26. World Order (International relations, treaties, United Nations, etc)

27. Medicine and Spiritual Healing

28. Recreation, Useful arts

29. Literature (Poetry, drama, essays, etc)

30. Geography and Travel

31. History

32. Biography

33. Fiction

34. Men's Studies

35. Women's Studies

Children's Categories (PINK)

Board Board Books

PIC Picture Books

Reader Beginning Readers

Chap Chapter Books

NonFic Non-Fiction

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